Biographical Information
Born:  January 7, 1970
Age (2017): 47
Age (1987): 17
Age (2047): 77 (deceased)
Father: Seamus Murphy, Sr
Mother: Charlene Murphy
Siblings: Sheldon Murphy
Spouse: Maggie Murphy
Children: Chris Murphy, John Murphy, Frank Murphy, Noah Murphy

Biography Edit

Dr. William Seamus Murphy, Jr, Ph.D. was born on January 7, 1970 in Shenandoah City, Virginia to Seamus and Charlene Murphy. He has 1 brother, Sheldon Murphy. On July 21, 1993 he married Maggie Dalton and had 4 kids, Chris, John, Frank, and Noah Murphy.


Just like your typical nerd, Seamus Murphy, Jr was bullied a lot, mostly because he was too smart. Most of the time he had his friends, Homer, George, Aaron, and Wyatt, stuck up for him. Seamus was spit on, kicked, called a "geek", had his personal belongings stolen, etc.

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